From Beer Bottles to Baby Bottles

by Lacey on May 2, 2012

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I’m just a few weeks away from becoming a mother. If that’s not the scariest statement I’ve ever uttered, I don’t know what is. (I guess saying that I’m giving birth to multiples would be scarier… so I’ll take what I’m getting.) Yes, I’m incredibly excited, but I’m also nervous, anxious and just plain terrified! To top it off, I’m the first in my immediate group of friends to get pregnant.

Cue the panicked noises now.

It’s an interesting dynamic – being the first one out of a group of twenty-somethings to be expecting their first child. While I’m home, conked out on the couch early on a Friday night with repeats of the Big Bang Theory playing in the background, most of the girls are just starting their nights. A short while ago I wouldn’t have blinked at a birthday party starting at 10pm. The night is just beginning! Woo! Party! Let’s go out and get drunk and dance until we can’t feel our painful yet cute shoes anymore and then come home and collapse into bed at 3am! Yeah not so much for me as of the last nine plus months. I’ve been turning down birthday parties and other nights out because the mere thought of leaving the house after 9pm makes me yawn.

I will admit… it’s kind of nice to be the only/first pregnant one. I’m suddenly the expert in all things pregnancy and baby related goodness. Everyone is concerned with how I’m feeling, and if there’s anything I could possibly need. But with the decline in my late night escapades, there’s also been a decline in the invitations out. I totally get it – why invite the pregnant girl if she can’t drink and won’t come out anyway? My fear though is that this will only continue after the baby is here. “Lacey has a baby, she’s not going to come out.” Insert sad face.

It’s a weird phase in my life – a mommy-to-be in my late twenties, counting down the days until my baby gets here, while my friends are counting down the days until the next bar night.

**EDIT** At the time of publishing, our little girl has arrived!  Sadie Faye made her early debut on April 27, 2012 icon smile From Beer Bottles to Baby Bottles

Lacey (or Lacey Bean) is a born and raised New Yorker, who didn’t even leave the state for college. She’s a corporate event planner by day, and is a little too proud of her rubber duck and Hard Rock Cafe shot glasses collections. Lacey writes at Perks of Being a JAP, and that’s Jewish American Princess, not Japanese. She’s easily amused (just give her a quarter and a gumball machine and you’ll have a happy girl), and she’s obsessed with: travel, her Keurig, meal planning, baking, crossing items off her life list, microbrews, Harry Potter, her android phone, chasing down food trucks, and more.
 From Beer Bottles to Baby Bottles
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