FYF: Procrastinator’s 6-week 5K Training Plan

by Calee on May 31, 2012

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It’s almost summer. And that means it’s RACE season!

I love this time of year — not because I race — but because of the feeling I get when a fitness newbie signs up for a 5K. Along with the warm and squishy-ness I get when I inevitably become a resource for that person to get their ass in gear at the 11th hour — whether he or she asks me to be or not.

Because I love giving unsolicited advice, I present to you: The procrastinator’s 5K training plan.

Procrastinators5K graphic1 FYF: Procrastinators 6 week 5K Training Plan

PinExt FYF: Procrastinators 6 week 5K Training Plan

Here’s my big disclaimer:  I’m not professionally trained in exercise or kinesthesiology — I’m a designer and a blogger (the latter I’ve also not been versed in professionally either, if you didn’t notice). The program I’m outlining is pretty similar to a program I followed after a running injury (walk to jog program). So please note, if you’re going to try running a 5K and you’re not already active (walking, working out with Jillian a few times a week, getting sweaty for 30 minutes 2-3 times a week), this program is NOT for you. You can give it a shot, but you’ll want to repeat the workouts a couple times before moving on to the next, probably stick to 2x a week instead, and add a minute or two of rest between your running period. If you can rock it, then good job! I just don’t want to hear about any cardiac arrests or torn ACLs resulting from my little old Procrastinator’s 5K plan. Listen to your body, folks!

Here’s the deal. You’re used to thinking of things in terms of time, not miles. So I put together this plan based on time instead of miles. If you can run for a half hour, you’ve basically run a 5K. CLOSE ENOUGH. 30 minutes will get you in shape enough to complete a 5K (which is 36 minutes with a 12-minute mile pace).

Also? STRETCHING is an important part of training. I’ve included it as part of your workout. Here is a pretty basic, but good, stretching routine. Learn it. Live it. Love it.

This graphic doesn’t fit on a piece of paper very well, so here’s a printable version on which you can track your progress, keep notes, or sketch ideas of how to maim me after your first hard run.

Procrastinators5K FYF: Procrastinators 6 week 5K Training Plan

Encouraging words: If you don’t complete a day — it’s not a failure. Repeat that workout the next time you hit the pavement/treadmill instead of moving on to the next.

SPEAKING OF TREADMILLS … if you are planning to train on a treadmill, please note that running outside is completely different. There are hills, wind and other factors. Plan to run slower on race day than on the treadmill.


 FYF: Procrastinators 6 week 5K Training Plan

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Have you ever tried running? 

If you use this program and like it, let me know here or via e-mail at lifeplusrunning@gmail.com.

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 FYF: Procrastinators 6 week 5K Training Plan
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