how to deal with having a crush on your friend (or: why everyone needs a spank bank)

by admin on September 28, 2011

Forced Celebrity Crushes

So, we know what happens when you have a crush… But what do you do when that crush happens to be on one of your friends?

Now, I’m going to suggest something that may seem radical to some of you, but trust me. It works.

Spank banks.

Dudes, you know what I’m talking about, but ladies we are more than entitled and I highly encourage you to have and utilize one of these. What is it? Well, spank banks are mental vaults of all the people you’d want to do the nasty with. People who make you all hot and bothered.

How are they useful when dealing with a crush on a friend? Simple. Every time you start to fantasize–even harmlessly–about your friend, pick someone from your spank bank and redirect your thoughts. I have many guy friends who I find extremely attractive. So whenever I catch myself lost in thought about them, BAM. Spank bank. Lately it’s been my sort of secret obsession, JT. Perfect distraction. (Especially after watching No Strings Attached. Just wipe your memory clear of Mila and it’s OMGNAKEDJUSTIN time.)

Spank banks. Works every time. Though, well, I will have to admit that last night Justin turned into this kid from high school, and we ended up in my grandma’s spare bedroom, and he was trying to get a tattoo DURING…. and yeah, so last night got a little weird. But every other time? Spank bank.

 how to deal with having a crush on your friend (or: why everyone needs a spank bank)
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