Must Pack: Tweezers!

by Risha on February 14, 2012

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A few months ago, I found myself in a middle-of-nowhere guesthouse in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. My grasp of Amharic extended to ‘Amesegenallo‘ (thank you), and ‘Aznallo‘ (sorry)… not quite so helpful when I’m holding the leg of my spectacles in one hand, and scrabbling on the stone floor; looking for an errant screw with the other.

If I was in a city I was more familiar with or if I was less broke; I might have tried a combination of googling Amharic phrases and elaborate hand gestures to figure out where the closest optician was. But, being cheap and clueless; I figured I’d try and twist the finnicky screw back in. Suffice to say, attempting to use my chubby fingers to handle a titchy screw wasn’t the greatest idea I’d ever had.

Tweezers to the rescue! I could hold the screw with my tweezers and twist it in. And voilà! I could see again!

I never go anywhere without a pair of tweezers in my bag. They aren’t just useful for salvaging stupidly hipster-looking glasses, or making my eyebrows actually resemble a curve- they’re great little multitaskers. I’ve used a pair of tweezers to remove tiny splinters from my foot, carefully pull out deer ticks, and even sterilised it before I used it as a makeshift pair of tongs (don’t ask).

What else do you think you could use a pair of tweezers for, in a pinch?

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 Must Pack: Tweezers!
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