Shit Everyone Says: When A Meme Goes Into Overdrive

by katiey on January 10, 2012

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I’ll be the first to admit, when I first encountered “Shit Girls Say”, I passed it along to a few of my lady friends with comments like “this is me” or “OOPS, you know we’ve done that” and maybe even a “GIIIRLLL!” And because the Internet is full of completely predictable women like me, the video blew up.

But the more I saw it being passed around, the more annoyed I became. “Shit Girls Say” was a funny, well-done short, but a slightly tired premise to begin with. Exaggerating stereotypes is a good way to get a laugh, and who is an easier target than a chick who looks like an extra from the Hills?  (Bonus chuckles for putting a man in a wig, obviously…)

After the millionth Facebook friend from middle school reposted the it, I started to lose it.  ”We get it,” I said to no one in particular. “Girls are annoying and dumb and crazy.  NEXT.”

Obviously, no one listened. What came after were the copycat videos: Shit Black Girls Say, Shit White Girls Say to Black Girls, Shit Guys Say, Shit Black Guys Say, Shit Gay Guys Say, Shit Southern Gay Guys Say…AND THERE ARE MORE.  In an effort to write a fair assessment, I watched them all.  (By all I mean enough to make me feel incredibly uncomfortable and potentially bigoted.)

At first I couldn’t really pinpoint what it was that bothered me about them.  Memes always become overdone quickly- that’s just the nature of the game.  And for the most part, each of these videos are pretty spot on, if not actually a little enjoyable during the first viewing.

However, after re-watching (shut up) “Shit Single Girls Say” (double shut up) it finally dawned on me: I have actually said at least three things from every single video.

For example:

“Girl, BYE.” – Shit Black Gays Say

“Liz Lemon’s my hero.” – Shit Single Girls Say

“Oh my god they have vegan donuts.”  - Shit Vegans Say

[Does the Beyonce "Irreplaceable" dance]- Shit Baby Mamas say

“Oh, word?” – Shit Black Guys Say

Basically, according to Youtube, I am a Gay Black Southern Vegan Asian Baby Mama who is also very single.  And by that logic, so is everyone else.

I urge the general population to stop spreading these videos around if not for my sanity’s sake, for the good of comedy.  Studying and identifying zeitgeist-y elements of popular culture is one thing, but slapping together flipcam videos that could describe mostly any subculture in an attempt to get page views does not a comedian make.

In closing, I would love if you guys watched my video, “Shit 20-Something Uppity Internet Addict Ladies Say”!

Katie is a 23-year-old writer/blogger/wannabe femcee, continuing to represent the Midwest in Chicago after being raised in the wilds of Ohio. Her main interests include eating Wheat Thins in bed, coffee, no pants naps and drinking adult beverages in kiddie pools. She can be found making awful puns and talking about vegetables on Twitter.
 Shit Everyone Says: When A Meme Goes Into Overdrive
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